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Can't find Mr. Right? Why not create him? MedAct is the company that can make all your dreams come true! Just give them a call and let them create the perfect man for you. But remember, you can never give him up. It will kill him, literally. 

Loneliness and failed relationships made Phoebe want a cyborg of her own. With him, she would never be heartbroken again. When she turned to the medical and scientific company MedAct, she never expected to become one of the few people who passed their tests to be able to apply for a cyborg. 

Now, months later, his creation is complete, and they are about to come face to face for the very first time. The day she has waited for has finally arrived, and it is about to change everything.

 Is there any life for cyborgs after the death of their beloved one and after the bound is broken?Is the bound between humans and cyborgs actually real? Or is it just a way to control cyborgs?
What if "true feelings" are actually forced, programmed?Can cyborgs have any feelings? Can cyborgs be trusted at all ?

This was a new domain to me, my first book about cyborgs.The concept of the story was pretty neat and the  little love story between Shade and Phoebe was enjoyable. We also get enough details about other characters, bad characters included. 
Easy to read but the author was too repetitive , explaining on and on and on about the bound, how important it is and what role MedAct plays in all this. And I also hated the " owning" term.
Other than this was a good start for a series.

At the end of the book there was an additional short novella Tempted Cyborg (Bound By Her  #1.5).

The short story of Hunter, one of Nightmare's soldiers, we find out what happens to him after MedAct captures him . Also we get a little glimpse at his past and how he ended up as a Fighter.


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