I like my books like my coffee : Hot and Dark.

My reviews might contain heavy spoilers! Read at your very own risk.


A smokin’ hot British player…
A jilted girl…
One night of mistaken identity…

Two weeks before her wedding, Remi Montague’s fiancé drops her faster than a drunken sorority girl in stilettos. Armed with her best friend and a bottle of tequila, she hops a plane to London to drown her sorrows before fall semester begins at Whitman University.

She didn't plan on attending a masquerade party. She sure didn’t plan on waking up next to the British bad boy who broke her heart three years ago—the devastatingly handsome and naked Dax Blay. Furthermore, she has no clue how they acquired matching tattoos.

Once back at Whitman together, they endeavor to pretend they never had their night of unbridled passion in London.

But that’s damn hard to do when you live in the same house…

One night. Two damaged hearts. The passion of a lifetime.

*A modern love story inspired by Romeo and Juliet*
**no one dies in the writing of this novel**

Oh, for fuck' sake! Could you two make up your minds already?? Just put your big pants on and stop the drama.

I really enjoyed Dirty English and I was really looking forward to read Dax's story. I'm not gonna lie, I'm quite disappointed with Filthy English.

I'm trying not to reveal too much from the story .

Heroine getting dumped on her wedding day? -- checked 
A wilde ex appears out of nowhere? -- checked
Ex husband too is returning , all tears and excuses? --  cheked
Love triangle is about to form ? -- checked
Move in with the ex instead of your (forgiven) future-husband-currently-fiance (who's house is just a few minutes away) and make things even more difficult , just for the sake of the ongoing plot?-- checked
A way too predictable "dark" secret comes out to light? -- checked

Their story would have been better without the extra drama. It didn't made the story any more  interesting, in fact, it's the opposite, it was slow and boring - not gonna lie here either!.  Their back and forth and inability to take  mature decisions was annoying . Their insecurity is driving me crazy !
The book wasn't THAT terrible but I can't say that I enjoyed it too much either.  The plot was a big cliche to me.


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