I like my books like my coffee : Hot and Dark.

My reviews might contain heavy spoilers! Read at your very own risk.


1.I'm an author / publisher and I would like to offer you a book to review.

I do accept ARC requests and already published books for reviews  but please keep in mind that  I receive quite a lot of requests.Make sure that your book gets my attention.   Contact me with the name of the book , author and genre.

2.What genres are you into?

I'm more into Intense Dark (erotic) Themed books, bad boys, MCs and bikers,boxing ,street fighters and MMA fighters, alpha males.But I'm also a big sucker for  vampires, gothic/ horror, thriller , crime and good drama books.  No M/M , F/F  or menage books ( I DO make promo posts for M/M , F/F & menage books , they are just not my cup of tea and among my first choices when it comes of reading them). 

3.What format do you prefer ?

Mobi.  Electronic copies can be emailed or I can download them on Kindle ( from Amazon preferably or I can provide my Kindle email).

4.I want to send you a paperback copy of a book .

Contact  me and I will provide an address for shipping.

5.I want to email you but I can't find your email address.

Please use the " Contact " box if you wish to reach out to me . All messages end up into my email box. I have only ONE personal email address and I would like to keep it off the blog for obvious reasons - to avoid spam ! However, I will contact you back from my personal email address. Or you can also contact me on other social media sites (links at the bottom of the page)

6.Your rating / review didn't reached my expectation.

A free book does not mean that I will rate it 5 stars and praise the author.I will always write my exact feelings and impressions about it - good and bad.It is either I like the story/ characters or I don't.

7.Can I pay you to write a review?

Absolutely no ! I read because I love to read. I like to feel what I'm reading and I like to write a few things after I'm done reading.  I fall in love or I hate the characters and I'm literally living the story. Reading is  a big passion for me , I'm not reading & review for a living.  The only things I accept are ebooks / paperbacks in exchange for an honest review.

8. So when will you review my book?

Don't expect me to read/review it right away.I might have a couple of other books on my plate that are waiting for a review.Don't rush me. I don't work with  deadlines-- unless I'm taking part in  cover reveals/blog tour/ blog blitz--I , too , have a life and a job outside reading and making reviews. I also love to 'get into ' and live the story.ALL books that I accepted will be reviewed in the end.

9.I offered a book but I received no reply/ you refused.Why?

There can be a few reasons why you didn't heard back from me or I refused to read your book.
  Your book was not my genre or the plot wasn't too interesting to me. I'd rather not read a book that I know I'm not gonna like and then give it a poor rating and make a bad review about it. You want it reviewed until a certain date.

10.Do you post your reviews on other sites?

Yes, I'm an active user on Amazon and Goodreads and I post all my reviews there. Links at the bottom of the page.

11.Would you do a cover reveal / book blitz / blog tour post for me?

Yes, I love taking part in such activities ! But please try to keep in mind my fav. genres over at no. 2.

12.Would you like to affiliate?

If you are a book blogger then I'm more than happy to affiliate with you.


Spelling  and grammar mistakes might occur. English is not my first language and one of the reason why I read tons of books and write reviews in English is to improve my skills.  

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