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Exchange of Power
Andrea Bills
Publication date: August 10th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense
Hannah Mackenzie is married to the love of her life Nick, and they’re beginning to think of starting of a family when that dream comes to a tragic end with the sudden death of her husband. Just when Hannah believes her grief will consume her, she finds her beloved basset hound Presley and her under attack at their home. When she calls in for help from her and Nick’s lifelong best friend Austin he comes over immediately.
Austin brings with him a truth that betrays everything Hannah ever believed and a very sexy bodyguard Jared Tully. Hannah is dealing with very raw emotions from her past while trying to deal with a very real attraction of the present. When it all comes to blows in ways she never would have dreamed she has to make a decision.
Hannah’s flung into a life she never knew existed along with Jared and Austin while they battle an unknown evil that’s targeting her. When they discover the truth they realize the stakes are high and very dangerous.
This is the first in the Power Series and sets the making for a new series that will be sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.
He turned when he felt her eyes on him, “Like what you see?”
She felt herself blush immediately even though embarrassment was a little late at this point between them.
“I’m allowed to look.” She made her way over to him trying to look coy. She ran her fingers up his arm,” and touch.”
Jared grabbed her and pulled her over to straddle him.
“You’re allowed to do whatever the hell you please.” He sealed the statement with a kiss. When he finally pulled away Hannah was completely breathless. She started to take what there was of his workout shirt off of him when his phone rang. “Screw ‘em. I’ll call whoever it is back.”
“Oh good.” Hannah giggled as he started undressing her. They lips never left each other’s which made the process a little more complicated by fun.
Jared started to plant kisses down her neck as his hands roamed her legs and hips. Just as he was about to take her nipple in his mouth the phone rang again. Jared growled as he laid his head between her breasts.
Hannah held his head there as she let out a frustrated breath, whoever it was wasn’t going to wait. Jared kissed her one last time before he got up to reach his phone. Hannah started to reach for her clothes, but Jared threw a blanket at her.
“This isn’t over I’m going to get rid of them and then finish what we started.” He winked at her as he answered his phone.

He walked up on the porch and noticed through the window that Austin was arguing with the woman who had her back to the window. From the look on Austin’s face she was being difficult. "This just keep getting better and better," with that final thought Jared knocked on the door. Expecting Austin to answer it he was surprised when probably the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen threw the door wide in greeting. She had long dark brown hair that had a hint of curl at the bottom of it, and her body was curvy and athletic. She wore a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt and made it look like designer crap most of the women in the city wore. She was effortlessly sexy. He wasn't sure how long he stood their staring like a teenage boy but she must have decided it had been long enough."Hello, do I pay you by the hour or just a flat rate. I'm rather out of date on babysitter fees." Her comment was laced with venom. He liked her.Jared smiled at her then and extended his hand."Fees been taken care of ma'am so you don't have to worry yourself."She glared at him for a while before finally shaking his extended hand."If you don't mind we really need to move this inside you're making an easy target of yourself right now."He noticed her eyes moved up and scanned the woods across the road as a shiver passed over her.

Author Bio:
Andrea spends her time while she's not dreaming up friends and villains alike chasing after her two kids and husband at their home in rural West Virginia.
Her guilty pleasure once the kids are asleep is to read. She reads everything she can get her hands on and then she reads it over and over and over again. Her all time favorite book is secretly tucked away under her bed looking very war battered from the hundreds of reads.
The Power Series is her breakthrough series as an indie author. She attributes her writing skills to her overactive imagination, and her husbands wacky dreams.

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