I like my books like my coffee : Hot and Dark.

My reviews might contain heavy spoilers! Read at your very own risk.


I ran as fast as I could. But you can’t outrun the devil when he’s on a motorcycle. 

I was born into the club life. 
My dad, the leader of the Unholys, always kept me safe. 
He had morals, a code of ethics. 
But when he committed suicide, all that went with him. 

I wanted to escape the bloodshed, to start fresh. 
Johnny was the only reason I hadn’t left yet. 
After all, how could I leave without the man who made me moan until my throat hurt? 

He said this was the last deal. 
As soon as it was done, we’d take off together. 
But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this world, it’s this: 
There’s always one more twist in the road. 

Charlotte is my girl. 
She’s got the face of an angel and a body like sin. 
I fought for her the first time we met, 
And I’d fight the whole world if it meant keeping her safe. 

When her daddy died, I took up his mantle. 
I should’ve known better than to bargain with the devil. 
But this was my ticket out. 
One more deal, and I’d hit the road with my old lady, leaving this violent life be-hind. 

But I didn’t count on being betrayed. 
When my best friend stabs me in the back and leads Charlotte into my enemy’s hands, 
There’s only one thing left to do: 
Wade into hell and get her back. 

After all, not even Satan can take what’s MINE. 

This book is a standalone novel, NO CHEATING OR CLIFFHANGERS. Contains an HEA ending.

" Sometimes men have bad things in them. Sometimes they've got demons and they need to be exorcised.It's not something any priest can do, only a man and his own hands. [...] So we can go home to our loves and our wives as nothing more than the men we are."

Charlotte has grown up in the MC life, but after her father's suicide this lifestyle becomes too much for her. Johnny steps up as the president of The Unholys  after the Reverend's suicide. Johnny seeks revenge for his president's death, he needs to find out if the Reverend truly committed suicide or if he got killed by a rival club. But he is caught between finding the truth or quitting the MC lifestyle and start a fresh , peaceful-ever-after life with Charlotte.
I'm pleased with this read !


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