I like my books like my coffee : Hot and Dark.

My reviews might contain heavy spoilers! Read at your very own risk.


A scarred fighter. 
A girl with rules. 
One night of unbridled passion. 

There are three things you need to know about Elizabeth Bennett: she’s smart as a whip, always in control, and lives by a set of carefully crafted rules. She’s learned the hard way that people you love the most always hurt you in the end. 

But then she meets Declan Blay, the new neighbor at her apartment complex. 

A tattooed British street fighter, he’s the campus bad boy she’s supposed to avoid, but when he saves her from a frat party gone bad, all her rules about sex and love fly out the window. 

She gives him one night of unbridled passion, but he longs for more. 

With only a cardboard-thin wall separating their bedrooms, he dreams of possessing the vulnerable girl next door forever. 

One night. Two damaged hearts. The passion of a lifetime. 

"I want to visit my mum's grave with you and tell her  how I found the perfect broken girl to fall in love with."

I think it's pretty good . The plot and the characters are nothing out of the ordinary, nothing 'WOW' really happens , I waited for that big 'Boom !' the entire book but it didn't happened. And this is the reason why I enjoyed this book so much. The plot is realistic and actually makes sense !!

And I like how the author sketched her characters. 

Declan Blay is an english student and a street fighter. 
"It's Gaelic and means full of goodness. Ironic since most call me trouble."
Even so , he is nothing huge or hulky ,  just an avarage good-looking Brit. Declan also has a twin brother named Dax. Even if back in England their dad is pretty wealthy Declan refuses to ask for help and he prefer fighting to gain money. He is the rebel one, with no desire to continue his studies , he opens a gym and focuse on training other people. He is everything that Elizabeth doesn't want near her. 

" He should come with a freaking warning label."

Elizabeth Bennett isn't looking for her soul mate, she is just a normal student who works hard for her grades to overcome her condition. She comes from a poor family , from a father who is in jail and that she never met ; her mom is waiting tables and likes to sleep around a lot.
 Ever since she got abused and raped by her ex after her high school prom night she decides never to fall in love again. Her rule is simple : use men for sex and don't get emotionally involved.

But then Declan really gets Elizabeth's attention because 'Pride and Prejude' apparently is his favorite book..

"I wanted to toss him down the floor, crawl on top of him and ride him like the Jane Austen reader that I was."

Elizabeth remembers her rule but falling for Declan is inevitable. She tries to play it cool but Declan sees right through her. He can feel that something dark from her past is hunting her.

"My heart is not easily mended. And you -you have the potential to rip it apart permanently."

While Declan fights to break the wall of pain and insecurity between them , Elizabeth's ex shows up and all hell breaks loose.


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