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How to Catch an Heiress

by Natalie RiosAn Heiress Series NovelPublication Date: October 3, 2016Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
How to Catch an Heiress cover_Natalie Rios
Anthony Carter has not had it easy in life. In a matter of months, he lost his mother to cancer along with his much coveted spot in a prestigious doctoral program. Swimming in debt, he’s been forced to move back to his hometown in rural Montana and take whatever job he can find. A drunken weekend in Vegas is exactly what he needs to help him forget his problems.A recent break-up with her boyfriend of nearly a decade has left straight-laced Liz Rockwell disillusioned with love and in desperate need of a vacation. She gets more than she bargained for when one drunken night at a Vegas bar results in her being married to Anthony. Embarrassed by her lapse in judgment, Liz is ready to make this whole night just go away. A quickie divorce seems like the best solution to their problem, until Anthony realizes who Liz really is.Known in the media as the Candy Heiress, billionaire Liz is the answer to Anthony’s prayers. Allhe has to do is convince her to write him a check. Unfortunately, Liz is not one to be easily intimated or coerced. Discovering the Rockwell family secret may be Anthony’s only hope. But the more time he spends with the intelligent and tenacious Liz, the more he realizes their chapel wedding may not have been such a drunken mistake after all…

"Fine" , he nodded. " Twenty days where we get to know each other and do normal couple stuff. I'll have a to move in here, of course."
"Are you out of your mind? Absolutely not ! " The last thing I needed in my life was to have my unwanted soon-to-be-ex-husband underfoot.
Plus , did I mention my thing for his dimples? Those things seem to mesmerize me. The more time I spend around them , the more likely I was to do something stupid. Like reach out and touch them. Or kiss them. Which could inevitably lead to kiss other body parts.
Nope, nope and nope. Can't have any of that happen.
"Liz, be logical about this. How can we really spend time getting to know each other if I'm in Montana and you're in Florida? I wouldn't have a fighting chance ."
"You don't have a fighting chance now and you're standing about three feet from me. " I couldn't help pointing out.


About Natalie Rios

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Natalie can’t sing. Or dance. Or play an instrument. She can’t ride a bike and doesn’t know how to swim or drive. As a result, her husband often asks “Are you sure you’re not really from Mars?” (the answer, in case you were wondering, is no. Unless New York counts as another planet). When she’s not geeking out at her day job, Natalie can be found attempting to wrangle her overly energetic Westie, baking ridiculously chewy chocolate chip cookies, and watching so-bad-it’s-good reality television shows.


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