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Well? What are you waiting for? She crossed her slender arms. You know the routine. Get up. On your feet, Lassie!
Lassie. I hated that name.
 We don’t have all day. Vengeance smirked. It was the kind of grin that left chills up and down my spine. We have to assign another identity. We wouldn’t want to keep your new family waiting now would we?
Ofcourse not, Veng, I grumbled, deciding to stick with the nickname. Veng didn’t seem to care for it. The flaring nostrils and clenched fists provided proof. Before I could congratulate myself for crawling under her skin, the wicked wench grabbed my ear and forced me to stand.
Ouch!I screamed.
There, there, she muttered sardonically.
In the distance, several Gatekeepers rushed down the corridor. They were undoubtedly told of my arrival.
Vengeance, how many times do we have to remind you? Do not torture the subjects. It’s bad for morale and –͟ Thorne came to an abrupt halt as soon as he rounded the first pawn-shaped column. He sucked in a sharp breath before he dramatically exhaled and asked, Andora. What are you doing here?
I shrugged. Can’t seem to live without dying. You know how it is. 
No, I don’t think I do, he said suspiciously. Why don’t you start at the beginning and tell us how this happened.
Oh you mean I’m the first subject to return to the fold?
Why are you here? His voice was firmer this time.
I don’t know. 
Sheremembered, Vengeance said.
Thorne’s gaze shifted from one Gatekeeper to the next. Can any of you explain this?
Dayz smirked. No idea. But by the look on your face? You’re not exactly disa—͟
Silence,Thorne snapped, focusing on me once more. What happened?
Considering how much trouble she’s been, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone killed her again, Vengeance said.
Was that necessary? Dayz asked. Dayz’s lanky build made him appear somewhat awkward but I liked him. He was kind which was an apparent rarity among the Gatekeepers.
Truth trumps necessity, Vengeance pointed out.
About that time, a door slammed on the other side of the welcome chambers. Another recognizable face appeared.  Guess I’m not the only human up for reassignment.
Rebel?I couldn’t believe my eyes. Weeks before, we were brought together for reeducation. We were separated when the Gatekeepers pitched him into the future. A short time later, I was tossed into the past.
Don’t act surprised. I told you we’d meet again.
Yes you did. I felt uncharacteristically safe when he hugged me. It’s good to see you.
He stepped away and quickly turned to Vengeance. If you ask me, you should just keep us here.
That’s not an option, Vengeance said. And someone should hurry up and explain how this can even happen. I’m beginning to get bored. 
Poor thing, I muttered, catching a scowl from Thorne.
Some people refuse to die. Rebel popped his neck and grimaced. It’s called cheating death.
  Dayz closed the distance between us. How did you die this time, Andora?
 Well, you see.... I was preparing to eat a bite of bird when...͟
A bite of bird? Dayz wrinkled his nose.
Go with it. I was only a prairie girl for a week. Do you think I had time to learn that particular era’s slang?I scoffed. I did not.
God save the queen, Rebel teased. Maybe next time they’ll place you in a castle where you belong.
Or a dungeon, Vengeance suggested. I’m sure I can think of a crime or two to pin on you. 

Copyright © 2016 Destiny Blake
Excerpt provided for promotional purposes & pending final approval for publication 

About the Author
An avid reader and full-time writer, Destiny Blake enjoys YA paranormal, commercial and literary fiction, mysteries, thrillers, and unique fantasy novels. After 15 years of writing for the market, Destiny decided it was time to write what she liked to read. The end goal was to pen stories that readers would love and her grandchildren would later cherish as well.

The author invites all readers to follow her on Twitter @AuthorDestiny and to stay in touch by writing: 
destinyblakeauthor@gmail.com. To help Destiny celebrate the debuts of Legends and Gatekeepers, readers can send their copy and pasted proof of purchase to the email above. Include a snail mail address to receive a promotional product. Please include Legends & Gatekeepers Proof of Purchase in the subject line. Offer ends on April 15, 2016. Void where prohibited by law.



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