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All things, when placed under pressure, eventually break or leave a mark.

Tattoo artist Brody "Cujo" Matthews knows how to keep things simple. In life and in love. Abandoned as a child by a mother who refused to stick around to raise three boys she didn't want, he's intent on staying clear of complicated women. The only things complicated in Cujo’s life are the killer tattoos he designs and inks. That all changes when he’s asked to help organize his best friend Trent's engagement party, which means working with Trent's fiancée's best friend, Drea, the definition of high maintenance and sizzling curves. And the one woman he doesn’t want to walk away from.

Andrea "Drea" Caron is broke and tired. After years of caring for her ailing mom, she's at the end of her rope trying to manage the piling medical bills, two jobs, and a life placed on hold. She certainly doesn’t need the added frustration of a sexy playboy tattoo artist messing up her best friend’s engagement party or her carefully balanced life. But when Drea witnesses the abduction of a woman from the café she works at, she can’t help but turn to Cujo who’s determined to prove to Drea that he’s someone she can count on forever…but as they attempt to bring the truth to light, someone is working to bring that forever to a sudden, deadly halt.

This is the second book from the Second Circle Tattoos series. Yes, it can be read as a standalone.
This book tells the story of Brody "Cujo" , a tattoo artist who is in search for answers about his mother who left when he was eight years old..
"It reminded me of you...bitter, without a hint of sugar." - Brody

And Drea , a hard working girl who tries to take care of her sick mother. 
"For us to work, I need to come to you whole. Not in pieces, expecting you to be the glue." - Drea

The characters were alright., the plot was a little bit tangled and somehow you need to try and keep up with all the subjects. The author tried to blend in a romance story (between Brody and Drea) ,  crime/ mystery (the abduction of the woman from the cafe store, Brody trying to  find answers about his mother), detective / police (Drea trying to help find the missing woman and making her own investigations ) and also keep up with the romance story between the second characters ( Harper and Trent from book one, The strong steel ).All in one book!  It is difficult to pull up such a mix and it didn't quite worked out for me.

I did enjoyed the story and I really want to give it more stars but the rating will remain to 3, maybe  3.5 stars. Another reason would be because in some parts of the plot there are some mistakes and characters/ situations tend to contradict  - like the part when Drea notice that the internet was down and doesn't remember when was the last time she paid the bill, yet she goes online and makes some research. Then the second morning she was glad that the internet was back and the company didn't cut her off.


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