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ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Desiderus has served Ba'al faithfully for nearly one hundred years. When Haven Rowe put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger, her fierce nature stirred emotions he hadn't felt since before Ba'al claimed him. With his sight set on consuming her body and soul, he'll use every deceptive idea at his disposal to make sure she belongs to him. 

When Haven walked in on a demon stealing her brother, Jeremy, her entire world unraveled. Born to a family of magic users, yet unable to use magic of her own, Haven will do anything to get her brother back from the depths of hell, even if it means she has to bargain her soul. 

With the help of a witch, Haven seeks out loopholes to the soul bargains that have been made. She either finds a way out for her and Jeremy, or they both might be lost forever. What she doesn't count on is the betrayal of her own body and the insurmountable attraction she has for the demon she's trying to escape.

"Desiderus , of course. Did you see him? He's a demon with angel wings. An angelic demon. Did you know demons didn't fall from heaven? Ba'al made them from humans."

YEY, sex with a hot demon!!!..ahem. Back to reality.

Considering that this is the first book from the Impure  Series, the plot so far is promising.  Can't really say it's a complex book with complex characters (for now. Maybe they will evolve with the following books.), but this book is definitely filled with paranormal, fantasy, action and a little bit of  humor.

When Heaven's younger brother  is taken to Hell to Ba'al himself , our heroine tries to find a way to rescue him and  break the contract between Jeremy and the king of Hell.  Seems like in order to get  informations about the contract and find a way to break it, Heaven must make a deal  of her own with Ba'al's right hand , Desiderus.  
But on her way to fulfill her goal , Heaven ends up as a prisoner of the Celest . Bewitched and unable to find her way back on her own, Heaven is saved by the demon with purple eyes. With the help of a witch Desiderus manages to bring the old Heaven back to herself , yet she remains marked by the Celest witch . 
Meanwhile our good witch found a way to break Jeremy's contract and Heaven is taken to Hell. Her brother is free to go, but little did she knew that Desiderus tricked her . Now Heaven is bounded to Desiderus and she is about to play a big part into fulfilling Ba'al's plans.

"I'm a demon. You made a deal and now your end must be paid.".


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