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Something I Need
Lena Lowe
(xoxo Nashville, #1)
Publication date: September 14th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Jonte Williamson has a dream: become Nashville’s next big star. Finding herself unexpectedly homeless hot off the plane wasn’tpart of her grand plan.
Cash Bellini is a simple man: he loves his twin sister, Dolly, hates country music, and stays far away from anything more complicated than that.
When Jonte stumbles into Cash’s bar, helping out the homeless country music wannabe is the last thing on his agenda. Pity someone forgot to send the memo to his too-big heart and meddling twin. Throw in a pair of baby blue cowboy boots, a pool tableand a splash of tequila, and these two are set to ignite in a hot sexy mess! Will either of their hearts survive the tug-o-war between what they want and what they need?

“I don’t know if it’s good or bad that you’re a cheap drunk.” He shook his head and brushed the hair off her face. The simple act had his heart rate galloping, like a racehorse sprinting the final half-mile at the Kentucky derby, and he had to force his hands away from her. Wow. She was exquisite, even half-drunk at one in the morning.
“I’m not cheap.” She huffed, all indignant-like before a drunk girl giggle escaped. She stumbled towards the jukebox.
“Christ, what are you up to now?”
“Finding something to sing to.”
Of course. Now she wanted to sing. That made perfect sense. Cash followed her, his philosophy that all women were crazy reaffirmed.
“I already told you, there’s no country music on that thing.”
“You lie.” She flashed him a smile that made his insides flip-flop, and started shimmying to the beat of Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.” 
He focused on the hypnotic sway of her hips. Crap. He was her boss now; he couldn’t watch her do shit like this.
“This isn’t exactly country.”
“Dance with me.” She ignored his comment and grabbed for his arms.
“I don’t really dance.” He side stepped her with a low chuckle.
Jonte skipped past him and danced around the pool table. She sang the first two lines of the chorus and then broke into another giggle fit. He was about to point out that she’d gotten some of the words wrong, but she suddenly said, “What do you think he means when he says different things?” 
“Who knows with that dude?”
“Hahahaha, you just said dude.”
It was well and truly time to wrap things up for the night. He needed to get Jonte upstairs so she could sleep or pass out or whatever. But she looked so carefree dancing around the pool table, so much more relaxed than he’d seen her the past few days. All right, so she was half cut, but she was happy.
“Do you have a lake at your ranch?” she asked, but became fixated on trying to unknot the T-shirt he’d given her earlier.
“What are you doing?”
“I smell like beer.” She fumbled with the knot for a minute but finally managed to yank the top over her head. “Do you have a lake at your ranch?” She repeated her unanswered question and walked towards him, watching him the whole way.
“No, but we have a river. Why?”
Her head dropped to one side and she looked straight at him, the flecks of gold in her hazel doe eyes almost catching fire. “Do you make love to girls out there, like in the song?”
Shit. This was not good. Cash ran his hands through his hair and let out the breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding in. “I think it’s time I took you upstairs.”
“Do girls go for the whole white knight thing you’ve got going on?”
“Cash.” She mimicked the reprimanding tone in his chide, clearly mocking him. He didn’t care. He liked her sass. 
She was standing so close now. Her breath swirled around him. The lime from the tequila was mingling with the vanilla scent he’d learned over the past few days was all her. He knew he should step back. He knew he should take her upstairs, put her to bed, and leave.
“I don’t do anything fun,” Jonte said, practically pouting, her nose all scrunched up, her perfect lips smooshed together.
“You don’t?” Crap. That wasn’t what he was supposed to say. He was supposed to ignore her ramblings and the please-do-naughty-things-to-me look in her eyes. He was supposed to drag her half-drunk ass up the stairs, get on his bike, and go home. Alone.
“Noooooope. That’s why I ran away from home.”
“Aren’t you a little old to be running away from home, sweetheart?”
“You have sexy eyes. I think you could be fun.”

Author Bio:
Lena lives in Melbourne, Australia with her husband and three daughters. She completed a MA in Writing in 2013 and has been working on a New Adult series based in Nashville. The first book in the series, Something I Need, was a 2014 RWA Contemporary Romance Stiletto finalist in the New Adult category.
In early 2015, Lena and her family spent 5 weeks road tripping across the US. It was an amazing once in a lifetime family holiday and research for her debut series all rolled into one!
Lena is an avid reader, especially in the New Adult genre. She is a mad Colleen Hoover, Samantha Young and KA Tucker fan, and is more than a little bit in love with Becca and Krista Richie’s Addicted series, Jay Crownover’s Marked Men series and Kylie Scott’s Stage Dive series.

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  1. lover the cover can't wait to read this.

  2. Thank you for hosting this giveaway :)

  3. I'm drooling and can't wait to get my hands on this book with all that chemistry and sparks flying between Cash and Jonte.


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