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She vowed to uphold the law.
He’s determined to break it.
Together, they just might bend the rules.

Rookie cop, Sophie Nichols knows the dangers of a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. Unable to resist the pull of cocky, badass biker, Ace Logan, she indulges in one steamy night of raw, unbridled passion.

At least, that was the plan…

As the new sergeant-at-arms for the Rogue Riders MC, Ace doesn’t need complications in his life—especially a curvy, captivating cop with a kick-ass attitude who has the power to wreak havoc on his club. So why can’t he stay away?

When Sophie’s brother is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal gang, Ace might be her only hope to find him. But once he has the rookie in his arms, he’ll never let her go. Now, Sophie must make a choice: break the law or break her heart?”

"Asking a club of  outlaw bikers for help went against everything she believed.  But the law had let her down."

Sophie - a beat cop in Toronto for four years , now a member of Vancouver Police Department's Investigative Division

Ace - an outlaw and the sergeant-at-arms for the Rogue Riders MC  

They meet at Jason's party , the hook up and they have a one night stand. Or so she hoped. Sophie  was in for a big surprise when the next day she finds Ace  at her door step. Now with her brother being abducted by a rival MC   Sophie must find other ways to help her brother, because the law she strongly believed in just gave up on her.

The reason why I'm rating this one just 4 stars is because the comparison between Ace and Ryan was too much in the spotlight.

Ryan did that
Ryan used to
Ryan never
I remember Ryan
Ryan always
Unlike Ace, Ryan

Ok, I got it already!Your ex was an abusive ass ! Get over your ex..just get over the past already !

On the bright side !'ll admit that the plot twist at the end of the book did caught me by surprise. I was expecting something else, like Ace's brother to pop out of nowhere and change the rules of the game .Very well played ! 

Also I'll give credit to Sophie , I really like her for being able to stand up for herself and handle things on her own.


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