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ARC was kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Expected publication : Jan. 5 . 2016

Micah Carpenter hates New Orleans. Hell, after ten years he no longer has much affection for the Deacons of Bourbon Street motorcycle club, either. But when the brotherhood calls, Micah answers. Joining the hunt for their mentor’s killer, he crosses paths with a Southern belle who exudes class—and sex appeal. Micah knows better than to mess with ice princesses: No matter how hot things get, they never melt. And yet he can’t stop himself from offering her a taste of the wrong side of the tracks.

Sarah Delacroix understands that reputation is everything. The daughter of a prominent family rocked by scandal, she’s desperate to restore their good name. Micah’s exactly the kind of man she should be avoiding. Behind his sleek and sophisticated exterior beats the heart of a predator—and she knows it. But, like the tattoos beneath his tailored suit, his rough edges are irresistible. And all too soon Sarah finds him getting under her skin . . . and living out every one of her hottest fantasies.

As an experienced reader of MC themed stories  , I can tell you that there are high chances for this book to be among top 10 best MC books for 2016. And yes, even if it is the 4th book from the Deacons of Bourbon Street you can read it as a stand alone.

Is this your typical MC book? I'll let you find out. You are in for a pleasant surprise. The plot does bring something fresh and unexpected. I was oscillating between giving it 4 stars or 5. I must admit that I enjoyed this story too much and by the end of the book I also started to like the characters, especially Sarah. She turns out to be the kind of girl that I'm looking for in these  MC books.

" I grew up running drugs in the back alleys , dealing with hookers , criminals. I was saved by the bad guys.[...] I'm a selfish prick.I worked too hard for what I have to be anything different [...]You want to come into my world, little girl?"

Micah 'Prince' Carpenter left New Orleans and his brothers ten years ago.He started a new life in San Francisco , he always craved for a higher expensive life. Truth is , he'd never fit anywhere because he didn't know who he was and always felt like a whole lot of layers of people stuck together. He had one foot in real life and one foot in the biker life.

But now he is back. Because he owes debt to the club and he needs to find out why and who killed Priest, the president of the club , his mentor.

"I spend my time trying to guard our family name. Our reputation.And it wasn't real. It was never real. "

Sarah Delacroix belongs to a prominent  family and she desperately tries to restore their reputation and good name. For the sake of her grandfather, her only relative left alive.

The Deacons got hold of the Delacroix's mansion and it's up to Prince to find out what is the connection between Sarah and the death of their president. Only Sarah falls in love with Micah but sadly she doesn't know Prince and what dark secrets he is hiding .She does not know that  he is the reason why her family was broken and her life destroyed. Micah was the mask, Prince was the real man behind it.
"Surprise , baby! I'm the fucking hurricane."
He ruined families, he had ruined his own ,the club and now Delacroix was next on his list. He only knew how to demolish  .


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