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Aubree Marie Harrington returns home from college to a life of trust fund douchebags and dinner parties. Despite her parent’s disapproval, she’s giving herself one year to figure out what to do with the rest of her life. To celebrate her return her best friends bring her to a bar on the outside of town where she meets Cash, a tattooed, opinionated, completely beneath her standards member of the local MC. 

Cash Logan just wanted a beer, but when the prissy drunk bitch that was next to him gets herself into a situation he can’t help but to step in. If there’s one thing he can’t resist it’s a damsel in distress even if this damsel is anything but. 

When two people from opposite sides of the tracks collide, lives will be changed, places will be threatened, tempers will be tested and everything they thought they knew will be questioned.

"You saw me take my first breath , and I saw you take your last. "

The male and the female characters are completely the opposide. We have a 100% bad boy biker who pretty much doesn't give a damn about anyone , except for his club brothers. And we have our typical rich girl , spoiled princess who dreams of freedom.  Sick and tired of living in a glass ball , Aubree turns down William's proposal and decides to spice up her dull rich life.So one night while drinking at a bar with her friends she runs off with our hero. What was supposed to be a one night stand , a relationship between the two of them slowly builds up - not because Cash was swept off his feet  ,  more because Aubree went looking for Cash and insisted that she can handle more - more of Cash and his dangerous club life.
At first there wasn't really  " love " in all this, Aubree was looking  for something more exciting and Cash - well for him it was pure physical. But the characters took their time and they slowly developed strong feelings and emotions for eachother - without realizing it.

But then the club business gets out of control and Aubree ends up pulling a bullet through someone's skull. At this poin Aubree wakes up to reality and she wants out.  
A few days later they meet again , only this time Aubree's father discovers them and she had to chose between her family and a peacefull, luxurious life and Cash and a violent enviorment. Aubree tried to keep her family together and she returns  to her old life , thinking that this might help her gain her father's forgiveness. But little did she knew that her perfect life was about to crumble right before her eyes .

"He was my father after all and always given me the best of everything. But it was all a lie. I lived a life of luxury built on lies and deceit."

"By telling Aubree the truth, I betrayed my club."

For a short book I really enjoyed the story and in the end I started to like the characters too. There is something about Cash and Sunshine that made them pleasant.


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